Easter Holiday Season - avoid being a victim

It is estimated that there are 6 million empty homes at risk of burglary this Easter bank holiday. During the Easter holidays, it's a great time to take a short break and the chances are that you'll be thinking more about your holiday and relaxing than the security of your home. 

The fact is it's a prime time for burglars to strike as cities like Bristol are more likely to be targeted by burglars. Here's a few tips to avoid returning home from holiday to be greeted by the aftermath of a break in and needing your locks changed or repaired by an emergency Bristol locksmith.

Obvious advice but lock all doors and windows including those little keys on the window catches - check and double check!

That plant pot by the door or ledge inside the porch may seem a good place to hide a spare key, but it's really more obvious than you think as experienced burglars will know all the common hiding places - best to avoid hiding an extra key.

Top tip appear to be home - if you can your friendly neighbour or a nearby relative is a far better bet to leave your spare with while you are away and they can check the property while you are away too; collecting post that builds up which is a sure sign you're away and open and close curtains at night if they are really keen to help. It all helps to give the impression that you are still at home and burglars rarely strike if they think there's someone home. You could use timers to to control your lights and audio devices which adds to the notion your still home. 

It's often reported that burglars prefer easy picking when it comes to breaking into to houses, open windows or doors, obvious signs the owner is away and no evidence of visible security alarm, cameras or automatic lights could all help to deter the burglar. 

Whilst it's very unlikely you'll get burgled, to ensure your home is as safe as possible, by taking a few precautions will give you peace of mind whilst you enjoy your holiday. We hope it helps ensure Bristol locksmith are not the first call on your return.

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